Philip Leesha
Web Engineer, Designer

I'm aProblem Solver,
Experience Creator,
Code Wrangler From New York, New York

My Expertise

Git/Tortoise SVN

My Recent work

World Cup

A web app for Complex Magazine built using the JavaScript framework for the 2014 world cup. It utilizes the advanced physics capabilities of the famous framework in order to create a rotating truncated icosahedron, otherwise known as a soccer ball.

Pharrell Williams

A featured cover story for Complex Magazine which uses the parallax effect to create an engaging story about Pharrell Williams. It uses a JavaScript parallax library called Super Scrollorama.


TransitChek is a provider of a tax-free commuter benefit program. It allows employers to provide their employees with tax-free metro cards, and other commuter services to save employees and leading companies millions of dollars each year.

Picture a Million

HomeAgain is a pet microchipping service. They provide a special microchip with a unique ID that is injected in your pet and then can be entered into HomeAgain's database. Picture a Million is a gallery of user submitted pet photos in order to celebrate the reuniting of over 1,000,000 pets world wide. This site features a JavaScript animated gallery and a variety of methods in order to upload your pet's photo.

Landice Inc.

Landice is a global industry leading provider of some of the most durable and technologically advanced fitness equipment on the market. They build commercial-grade, easy-to-use treadmills and elliptical machines for home and commercial gyms. This site is built using Drupal and has a customized, user-friendly backend interface for quick revisions.

City Hall Fellows

City Hall Fellows is an organization that provides young, talented community leaders across the United States with a voice to effect changes in their local government. This site is built using a custom Wordpress theme.

About Me

With over five years of New York City experience programming in everything from Python, to Angular and React, I have the skills and development chops to get your project off the ground. I consistently try to challenge myself, others and the status quo in order to provide quick and concise solutions to your web development needs. As part of my professional development I keep up with current technologies by following industry leading newsletters and top professional programmers. When I'm not busy coding, eating or sleeping I play several musical instruments professionally including the piano, trumpet and singing.

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